Best Toy Helicopter For Kids 2017

Need help finding a toy helicopter for your kid?

Well I’m here to help you choose from all the different types of rc helicopters. I promise you after reading this you won’t have a problem finding the best remote control flying helicopter.

A lot of kids enjoy playing with flying remote controlled helicopters. This toy has the tendency to become a hobby at a later age, which is why it is advisable to find the right product.

Before making a purchase for the best remote helicopter for kids, there are certain factors that you ought to pay heed to.

Paying attention to these factors and undergoing the required research will ensure that you purchase something that will work well for children, and you would not have to worry about their safety.

For a much deeper guide check out some reviews on the top remote control helicopters.

Some of the best toy helicopters for kids 2017

Now that we have discussed the various factors that you need to keep in mind while purchasing the best RC helicopter for kids, let us take a look at some of the appealing options that you will find on the market.

1. Syma S107/S107G – Best Toy Helicopter For Toddlers

syma s107 best helicopter toy

If you are looking for an RC helicopter that would work well for a child/toddler who is just being introduced to the toy, this is an option that you can take a look at. With a brushed motor, this helicopter is provided with stable flight characteristics. The kid would be able to get the hang of it with ease. It is powered by a lithium-polymer battery, so battery life is not something that you need to be worried about. You will find the helicopter to be durable as well. 


  • Appealing design
  • Stable flight features
  • Easy to fly and control
  • Lithium-polymer battery
  • Brushed motor

2. Syma S109G 3.5 Channel RC Helicopter with Gyro

syma s109g

It is another impressive RC helicopter that is introduced by Syma. It is designed to ensure that beginners can control it with ease and do not have to face difficulty while flying it. It is durable and provides you with stable flight features. A long battery life is also a feature that it offers. All in all, you can be confident that this RC helicopter would manage to capture the interest of your kid with ease.


  • Easy to fly
  • Suitable for kids
  • Lithium-polymer battery
  • Brushed motor

3. Syma S111G Remote Control Heli 

syma s111g rc helicoper
This is another option that you will find to be rather impressive when it comes to the best RC helicopter for kids. Being easy to fly, it ensures that the child does not have to struggle with it a great deal. Controlling it is not a difficult task. If you’re looking a toy helicopter for your 4 year old then this would be well suited for them. 

It is provided with a high-quality brushed motor so that performance is not something that you will have complaints about. Furthermore, it is powered by a lithium-polymer battery. Check out our full Syma S111G review.


  • Easy to control and fly
  • Stable
  • Brushed motor
  • Lithium-polymer battery

This is one of the top toy helicopters for 4 year olds.

A mini rc helicopter would also be well suited for kids check this video out:

4. UDI U13A 3 – Best Toy Helicopter For Adults

udi313 a best toy helicopter for adults
If you want an RC helicopter that the kid will not outgrow within a short while and would be versatile in terms of the uses that can be acquired from it, this is an option that you can take a look at.

This helicopter maintains high standards of quality and is equipped with a camera that allows you to take pictures and videos. It is provided with six channels that allow movement in six directions. Provided with a metal alloy frame, it is durable with a long battery life. Now if you need some battery charger, check out this article Best LiPo Battery Charger 2017 – RCJudge

It’s specifically useful for adults since you can take videos with it. You do need to be a bit more careful with it since it does have a camera and you don’t want to damage it. This is definitely one of the best remote control helicopters for adults.


  • Capable of moving in six directions: up, down, forward, backward, clockwise, and anti-clockwise
  • 4-in-1 infrared receiver
  • Metal alloy frame with elastic blades and fly bar
  • Transmitter supports three channels
  • Protection against overcharging
  • Protection against overcurrent

5. Haktoys HAK448 

haktoys hak448
If you want to an RC helicopter that can be put to use the minute it is taken out of the box, this is an option that you can take a look at. Manufactured from flexible materials with side propellers, this RC helicopter offers you a lot of durability.

It is stable and capable of withstanding up to 5 mph breezes. You will not find it difficult to acquire replacement parts if the need arises. It is also provided with a built-in gyroscope to enhance the stability that it provides.


  • Stable
  • Manufactured from flexible materials with side propellers
  • Built-in gyroscope
  • Flight range up to 250 feet
  • Withstands up to 5 mph breezes
  • Easy to find spare parts

6. Hero RC H911 2.4GHZ iRocket 4 Channel Helicopter

hero h911 rc heli

This is an RC helicopter that can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is provided with dual mode operation along with an LCDF transmitter. You will find it easy to fly and control, and it has a lot of convenience to offer.


  • Used for both indoors and outdoors
  • Dual operation mode with fine tuning
  • Convenient binding
  • Servo cyclic control

7. Haktoys HAK622 18.5″ 3.5 Channel RC Helicopter

haktoys hak622 toy helicoper

It is another ready-to-use RC helicopter that you will find to be great for kids. Finding replacement parts is not difficult, so this is not something that you will need to be worried about. It has a long battery life and can fly up to the height of 150 feet.


  • Easy to use
  • Replacement parts available
  • Flight range up to 150 feet
  • Withstands up to 5 mph breezes
  • Bright LED light

Now let us take a look at some of the factors that should be taken into account to ensure you get the best RC helicopter for kids:

Toy Helicopter Guide

The first thing that you need to be clear of when it comes to the purchase of RC helicopters is the type that you are looking for. Various types are available on the market with differences present in the features and motors among other things. You need to ensure you opt for something that would suit your requirement. The age of the kid and their passion for RC helicopters would influence the type that is suitable for you.

If the kid is a little older and has a keen interest in RC helicopters, then micro coaxial hobby grade is something that he would be able to enjoy. These helicopters are large and are provided with dual or twin rotors that ensure they attain more movement. Parts for replacements are also available with ease.

Micro single rotor should be reserved for older kids or adults who have been using RC helicopters for quite some time since it is more difficult to fly. This helicopter is more stable and requires a bit of expertise.

Quadrotor rc helicopers are another simple helicopter that you will find with a few moving parts. It is capable of doing various movements, including turns and hover. They are also equipped with four propellers. 

For a young kid toy helicopers would be the perfect option. It is inexpensive, and the kid would be able to use it with ease. These helicopters offer limited control and are a good choice for those who have just developed an interest in RC helicopters.

While purchasing the helicopter, it is important to keep in mind the use that it is meant to serve. If the purpose is to introduce a kid to RC helicopters, a toy helicopter would be a better choice, but if the kid already loves RC helicopters and is keenly interested in it, it is the other types that you can consider.

RC helicopters work by receiving signals from the controller, which they then translate into different movements. However, for every movement, a transmission channel is required. Hence, the advanced RC helicopters are provided with more channels.

Kids who are just beginning with RC helicopters tend to prefer helicopters with fewer channels as they are easy to understand. The most basic option that you will find is equipped with two channels with rather limited movements.

A variety of materials are used for the construction of RC helicopters, and it is up to you to decide which one you want to opt for. You will find helicopters manufactured via plastic, aluminum, and carbon fiber among others.

The helicopters need to be light in weight while being sturdy. For kids, it is advisable to opt for durable models that they would be able to handle with ease.

You will come across various options with regards to the power source of the helicopters. The most common ones are the glow fuel and electric batteries.

No height limit is present for the glow fuel-powered helicopters. On the other hand, batteries offer more safety and convenience and prove to be more economical. They are also comparatively quieter.

Even if you manage to find the best remote control helicopter for children, there is always a chance that it would incur some damage.

Therefore, you will need to replace parts to ensure the helicopter continues to fly. Therefore, it is advisable to purchase the helicopter whose replacement parts would be easier to find.

The place from where you purchase the RC helicopter is of importance as well. You need to ensure that you buy it from a store that will have a lot of options and will be able to come to your assistance if required.

Well we hope that after reading this you now have a clear option and have chosen the best toy helicopter for your child.