Syma S111G Review

Syma S111G is one of the most popular toy helicopters out there. It’s cheap and small, which makes it well suited for beginners and kids alike. Check out my full Syma S111G review:
syma s111g review

For those who would consider themselves first time pilots this is an excellent rc helicopter to start off with. Not to difficult to control and its cheap best of all. It normally takes around 45 to an hour to be fully charged. You can expect it to fly around 10 minutes.

One important thing to know is that because of the transmitter it should be mainly used indoor. So if you’re looking for an outdoor helicopter I would look somewhere else. Check out our homepage to find an outdoor rc helicopter.

You can charge it in many ways. Myself I have been charging it using my own laptop. It comes with a USB cable which you can hook it up to your computer with. It’s also really easy to change directions while in flight. A trimmer helps you keep it stabilized,

What type of battery does the Syma S111g use?

The Syma S111G uses a Lithium Polymer (LIPO) battery.

Tips to using it for the first time?

For first time users my best recommendation to you would be to first find a place with a lot of space. So preferably in a room with not a lot of stuff around(you don’t want to break anything).

First place it on a hard surface. Then put some power in the throttle. This will tell you wether you need to trim it first. This can save your heli from crashing.

Then test out the controls. It’s very important to get used to the controls. They tend to be a bit sensitive so a slight moment in them will instantly cause a reaction in the Syma S111G.

Now once you’re done using the rc heli for a while don’t store it with just some battery juice. Make sure to store it with a full battery. The secret behind this is that it eventually discharges overtime so it can save your battery.